Go Mobile!

Why AAutoDECS?

  • Because time is money, and you need more of both.

  • The TTOT system is constantly changing. Good trips open, but go fast.

  • AAutoDECS can drop, pickup and trade your trips for you.

  • That leaves you more time to do the things you enjoy.

  • Free to try. No credit card required to register. Absolutely no risk.

  • Just one successful trade could make you enough money to pay for over 2 years of our service. You can sit back and be happy with the schedule you have, or you can let AAutoDECS make it more enjoyable, more productive and improve the quality of your life.

User Testimonials

-   Rick. Thanks again for the Cloud Trader option. I followed the Instructions and it's working great, even though I had no idea was I was doing and never used Linux or the Amazon server. I owe you a beer...Cheers   

-   Rick, Your program works. Over the months with the limited trips available to trade makes having your program do the work even more valuable. I was able to drop and trade two red trips off the weekend onto weekdays before the new month began. Thanks   

-   So many turns are posted for drop of Father's Day that I didn't bother trying to post mine - put in an AAutoDecs trade preference and within 2 days, it was traded for a midweek turn. AAutoDecs just paid for itself several times over.   

-   Alright....that was incredible! 30 minutes prior to TTOT opening I signed up for your trial period, entered several trades / trip pick ups. Within seconds after TTOT opened, I had already received text msg and email confirmations of successful trades. Now, that I trust this system works extremely well, I can go about life and let AAutoDECS do the work for me.  

-   Your system helped me get Thanksgiving off for the first time in years! My family and I are eternally grateful.   

-   Rick, AAutodecs just dumped a three day for a turn while I was fixing my sprinkler system. Loving it. Thanks   

AAutoDECS is an automated system that continuously monitors AA Pilot Open and Posted Time. It can drop, pickup and trade trips for you, or simply notify you when a trip becomes available. You tell it what kind of trip you are looking for and it does the rest. Trip notifications and transactions can be accomplished via emails and/or SMS text messaging to your compatible cell phone or PDA. If you are looking to pick up or trade a trip, there is no longer a need to log into Sabre and search through an N4 listing. AAutoDECS does it for you 24 hours a day! Open trip notification and transaction setup can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks. Almost any aspect of a trip can be used as a filter: sequence number, date, departure time, number of days, hours, layover city, etc. A comprehensive preference builder (TripFinder) makes it easy to set up as many different combinations as you want. Change them as often and whenever you want. The AAutoDrop feature, allows you to list as many of your red trips as you want each month. AAutoDECS will continuously monitor TTOT to check if your trip(s) turn green.

To start your free month of using AAutoDECS, simply fill out the form on the Registration page. Read more about our product in the Pricing and Info and the Frequently Asked Questions sections.